Country Cliff's-- San Andreas, CA
Sierra Lodestar 08/11/09

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San Andreas's One and Only is a Winner

By Antoinette May Herndon

When it comes to breakfast, San Andreas is pretty short on choices. If you want to eat out, Country Cliff's is the only game in town. So, how fortunate is it then that this casual eatery serves such fresh and delicious food. What a way to start the day!

Let me tell you going in that Country Cliff's is for serious eaters. Charles and I like it that the cafe's emphasis is less on presentation and more on the food itself. Good food. Fun food. And it always helps if the people cooking and serving it are fun too,

You can certainly say that about the staff at Country Cliff's. Expect them to greet you like old chums and even call you by name if they see you often enough. An added dividend is that the breakfast bistro is located near the county offices. It's entertaining and sometimes informative to eavesdrop on community conversations, local politics, gossip and that expansive chit chat more popularly known as BS.

Who's to say that power breakfasts

don't happen at Country Cliff's, that deals haven't been struck or that heads haven't rolled or perhaps even been crowned. Surely both propositions and proposals have been tendered, accepted and sometimes, alas, rejected. But the eatery is not exactly a heavy action place. You don't exactly go there to see and be seen.

Sometimes that's a good thing. As far as ambience goes, you can hold the attitude along with the ketchup. Think cool green walls and Formica tables. Diners are happy, chatty; one man is so comfortable that he even whistles.

Of course it all starts with coffee at Country Cliff's. The dark brown liquid imparts an air of vibrancy that that starts the morning of right. The bottomless cup conveys the sense that you're launching the day in a happening place where people are dedicated to seeing to it that you feel happy and comfortable.

A few cups of coffee and I really went wild over the San Andreas Special ($8.69). Are you ready for this? The ingredients are bacon, mushrooms, jack and cheddar cheese, plus slices of avocado. Such a combo is tailor made for someone who has trouble making up her mind. The

San Andreas Special may be the ultimate omelette; it simply had everything. All those divergent flavours work well together too. This omelette had everything--most particularly when served with hash browns and an English muffin.

Charles was equally delighted (but a bit more controlled) with his French toast served with country sausages and eggs ($6.99).

County Cliff's is a restaurant that always leaves me wanting to go back. New items appear often on the menu. I can hardly wait to try the new Gold Miners Special. See you at Country Cliff's soon!

VITALS: Country Cliff's is located at 345 East St. Charles. Phone: 754-1345. Hours are from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. week days and from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sunday. Though lunch is also served, breakfast is the main event and served all day. Credit cards accepted.


The interior of Country Cliff's is comfortably casual.

A yummy sampling of breakfast offerings at Country Cliff's.

Dena Hero serves a great breakfast at Country Cliff's