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Sutter Creek has a winner in J&Dís

By Antoinette May Herndon

Girl talk is fun, necessary, and ultimately inevitable unless one is confined to solitary. Actually, sometimes I wonder if writing as an occupation isnít a form of solitary confinement. In order to make a living at it, one has to adopt a ďtake no prisoners!Ē attitude that can get more than a little lonely.

Calling a friend, reading the paper or going for a strollófor however short a time--all interrupt the flow. To accomplish anything, itís necessary to sit still and keep those keyboard keys moving.

That being said, Ginger Bennett Griffin and I are busy ladies, both of us writers who are nearing the home stretch on our respective books. We also have homes and husbands to juggle. Many, many of you readers know exactly what thatís like. So, you must know as well how much fun it is to get OUT once in awhile.

Ginger and I enjoyed such a day recently. The weather was gorgeous, a little nip to the air but otherwise sunny and bright. On a day like that you just know that Highway 49 has to be the prettiest road in the world.

Our drive took us across the river and into the woods to Sutter Creek. The townís Main Street is always fun to explore, each window a temptation. This time, however, a restaurant was our primary goal. Having both enjoyed J&Dís Steakhouse for dinner, we had been delighted to learn that the bistro is now serving


Since weíd both skipped breakfast, we eagerly entered the eatery at 11:30. Kathleen Boone greeted us with a pleasant, welcoming smile and we had our choice of tables. There was nary a diner in sight. That changed fast. Within 15 minutes, the room was jammed. J&Dís is a VERY popular place.

It was pleasant to sit back in comfortably padded chairs, view the convivial crowd and discuss the affairs of the world. Our world anyway. I can rememberóhow long ago?ówhen the chatter centered around cute boys and a bit later on men about town or even the world. Now itís mostly about husbands. Shakespeare wrote tellingly about the three stages of man. I guess this is the feminine counterpart. Whatever, girl talk is always fun. Iíd call it a tonic.

And J&Dís is just the place for a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte. Now nearing its fifth birthday, the restaurant owned by Daniel Bruen and James Swink is a going concern. The staff does everything well there. Kathleen, our server, was attentive but not intrusive, quick, intuitive and efficient.

Neither Ginger nor I could resist the idea of potato soup laced with cream and cheddar cheese. We each ordered a cup ($3) and loved it. We would have loved a bowl ($6) even more, but were saving room for our entrees.

Ginger chose a half order of J&Dís Cobb Salad. ($7.99) A full salad is $12.99. The Cobb consists of steak with egg, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and bleu cheese dressing. She was well


I had a half order the Black & Bleu Steak Salad. It featured blackened steak with crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers on mixed greens. ($7.99) A full salad would have been $10.99.

They were both great salads, crisp and fresh, but the thing that made them so outstanding was the steak. My experience is that steak in salads is usually a kind of throw- away meat, just not up to the caliber of a steak served alone. This simply isnít true at J&D. Their steaks are certified Angus choice--not only tender and flavorful--but cooked exactly to order. Ginger wanted hers medium rare, I wanted mine still mooing. We were both delighted.

An added dividend is the price. A cup of soup with a half salad is only $8.99.

J&Dís seems to have the restaurant game wired--the food, the service, the ambience, and even the price. I knew it was a fine for dinner and accommodates crowds well, but lunch is a recent addition to the venue. Letís just say, itís tailor made for ladies who lunch. .

VITALS: J&Dís Steakhouse, 36 Main St., Sutter Creek. Phone: 267- 0535 Open 11 a.m. to closing (8-9 p.m.) Monday through Saturday. The restaurant has an attractive cocktail bar Reservations advised. Credit cards accepted.


Kathleen Booneís friendly and efficient service is an asset to J&Dís Steakhouse in Sutter Creek.

J&Dís Steakhouse is a popular gathering spot in Sutter Creek.