Sidewinders -- provides a fusion of fun
Sierra Lodestar 02/22/12

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Sidewinders provides a fusion of fun

By Antoinette May Herndon

It was one of those nights. What and where we ate that evening was important, but the main event was supposed to a movie. Charles and I had driven to Angels Camp in hopes of enjoying both.

He wanted one of those blood and guts guy kind of films. You can just imagine how much I love those! Still, it had been a long time since I'd seen one. My husband usually takes a laconic stand on movies, something like: "Oh, you pick the one you want, honey."

And I usually do.

But this time he was strongly advocating a thriller. What could I say? Surely it was his turn at last.

Some two hours later, we emerged from the Angels 5 Theatre. Having just soldered through "Gray" in its entirety, even Charles wondered why we had stayed for even five minutes of such an awful epic. The final score of this survival drama gone awry was Wolves 7, Humans 0.

The politically correct standards that currently run our culture make for strange bedfellows and more than a few surprises. Before long it became apparent that we were rooting for the wrong team. The wolves, ferocious as they appeared, were in actuality the film's good guys, four-footed Clint Eastwoods, so to speak.

Imagine a fine set of neighborhood troopers defending their turf against human intruders who'd had the temerity to survive a plane crash. Property rights being what they are and all, what's an upstanding wolf to


What they did do wasn't pretty.

That particular night only about ten of us sat through the movie "Gray." As we stepped out into the foyer, the comments flew thick and fast. "After all, the wolves were there first," one woman said.

Surely you've heard something to that effect before. Maybe even said it. I have. Nevertheless, in "Gray," the chips came down pretty hard on the humans. It was a long movie. Once it was finally over, I was ready to settle into a nice juicy wolfburger and do a little slavering of my own.

Happily, Sidewinders, a Cal-Mex fusion restaurant, is just a few doors down from the theatre. Though we didn't see any wolf stew or fillet on the menu, we were happy with the selections offered.

Actually, the choices are a bit complicated at Sidewinders, but that adds to the adventure of ordering. There are seven basic items on the menu: burrito tacos, tostada, Bocadillo (a Spanish loose meat sandwich), quesadilla, wrap and a bowl of rice, beans, a three cheese blend, guacamole, sour cream and salsa with a choice of fillings and side dishes. (The bowl is $6. The other items are $7.50 and $8.)

I was delighted with my tacos, two them. ($7.50). I chose Barbicoa beef for one and paid an extra $2 for the second which had Panko white fish filling. I also upped the ante $8 and selected a Basque Bacon Salad. The latter is as delicious as it is original. Imagine: dates, bacon, red bell pepper, roasted garlic, toasted pecans, and green onion tossed with Parmesan

and maple vinaigrette.

There are also side choices such as chorizo couscous, Sidewinder pasta salad, soup or chili for $2.

Charles was very pleased with his tostada which came with rice, beans, shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, a beef filling and a choice of side dishes. His pick for a side was a bowl of chili--hot, spicy and delicious.

We were both impressed by the flavor and freshness of the food at Sidewinders. The delivery system is great. You choose what you want from the wall menu, then it's delivered to your table.

The building fronts on historic Main Street so the view is always shifting. Old stone walls and swirling ceiling fans accent the bistro's Mother Lode ambience. There's yet another dining room downstairs with an inviting fireplace.

Sidewinders is the new kid on the block in Angels Camp. Dave Swarbrick and Josh Steck opened it just last May and it's clear that they know exactly what they're doing. This is a fun place to eat before or after a movie and, no need to worry, by the time you read this that gory wolf flick will have moved on.

VITALS: Sidewinders, 1252 South Main St., Angels Camp. Phone: 736-0444. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Credit cards accepted.


1& 2 Sidewinders offers a window on Main Street.

Old stone walls are part of the charm of Sidewinders in Angels. Camp.

Wall menus make ordering easy at Sidewinders in Angels Camp

Delicious tacos are a staple at Sidewinders in Angels Camp.