Strings - No limit on tasty choices
Sierra Lodestar 11/04/09

Strings Has No Limit on Yummy Surprises

By Antoinette May Herndon

Just the other night, Charles, our daughter, Marion, and I had dinner at Strings. On the drive home there was much oohing and ahing as we replayed a winner dinner. Each of our food choices had been excellent, as was the service.

Clearly Jackson’s Strings, with its lively, inviting ambience, is the perfect choice for a well and thoughtfully prepared dinner at kind-to-the budget prices. Driving home, I considered its positive potential for a Lodestar column.

Then, out of the blue, before I could even get my notes together, an email arrived from Anthony Wilson, reader from Natomas.

Anthony and his wife Noriko make a point of picking up the Lodestar when they’re in our area. They like the Foothills and want to know what’s going on here. Anthony admitted: “We especially interested in food.

It just happens that Strings is the Wilsons’ favorite restaurant. “I actually drive from Natomas for the Fisherman’s stew at Strings,” Anthony wrote.

Though Strings is part of a chain, it’s locally owned by Sharon Cassella, who told me that she makes a special effort to buy all the fresh local produce possible.

Undoubtedly this is what Anthony was picking up when he wrote; “I have been to other Strings that are good but this one seems to have a special touch that we really love. There aren’t very many places around where you can get good seafood. We really love theirs.” Anthony went on to say, “The people at Strings know my wife has an allergy so they fix things special for her. Everything is made fresh so it is easy for them to prepare dishes just to Noriko’s taste.

“Noriko usually gets Angel Hair Pasta (not on the menu), she asks for a light garlic, extra virgin olive oil and vegetables with shrimp and they make it specially for her! They also have great New York cheese cake with homemade raspberry sauce that Noriko always orders to go.”

Now is that a restaurant recommendation or what?! Thanks for sharing with our readers, Anthony. Charles and I can’t wait to go back for the Fisherman’s stew. Its made with shrimp, mussels, scallops, and white fish in seafood broth and served with a side of garlic toast. ($16)

I checked with Amanda Schoen, who served us, and Angel Hair Pasta, though not on the menu, is available and can be quickly made to order. ($10 )

Noriko’s favorite raspberry cheesecake costs $3.99.

Obviously, Strings is a place with lots of good choices but you have to ask about them or you might miss something fabulous. Their amazing chef, Angela Cervantes, was originally Strings corporate chef who trained each of the chain’s 30 chefs. Luckily for us, Angela “loves the foothills” and decided to stay and work here. It goes without saying that Angela is a lady who likes variety and enjoys concocting new innovations. Expect happy surprises and ask for them.

When our family went I ordered ribs there were not on the menu. They were well cooked and tasty but not as unhealthy as I prefer. It’s disgusting, but I really relish a little fat quivering delicately between the joints. Oh, I know, calories, calories, calories. Not to mention all the other naughty things. But sometimes I just like to live naughty. This excellent dish complete veggies and caramelized onions, and a side of spaghetti was $19.95

I also ordered

a cup of lusty minestrone soup. $4)

Charles and Marion split an enormous dish of Caesar salad. Actually it was big enough for three—I had some too. Crisp fresh, delicious with all kinds of pleasant surprises tucked in there like nuts and fruit. ($9

Marion chose the Calzone Milano . In case you haven’t had calzone. It’s a bit like a chicken pot pie only the dough is lighter, flakier. This one was filled with diced chicken, broccoli and mushrooms sautéed in cream Alfredo sauce ($12). It looked wonderful and there was enough to take home for another dinner.

Charles had his tried and true favorite Eggplant Parmesan with a side of spaghetti ($11). He was definitely not disappointed. We went a little crazy after that. Pumpkin cheese cake for Charles ($3.99), Chocolate Lava Cake for Marion (sinfully delicious) ($5.99) and the best Cappuccino ($2.25) I’ve ever had Yes, there’s an espresso bar at Strings. Can you ask for anything more?

I’m thinking that Strings is a place where it’s hard to go wrong. The staff is attractive and friendly, the casual setting puts one instantly at ease, the food is good, the menu full of fun surprises.

Thanks again, Anthony and Noriko, for sharing a favorite. Write again and hopefully, we’ll cross forks with you somewhere.

VITALS: Strings is at 11976 State Hwy. 88 in Jackson. Phone: 223-7874. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. extended to 10 p.m. on Friday. Credit cards accepted.


Donna Barnes enjoys working at Strings.

The dining room décor at Strings is always provocative.