Starcast: Week of July 18th

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STARCAST:  Quick! Light a candle, say an affirmation, a prayer or a mantra.  Mars has begun a fateful tango with Saturn in Libra.  If you've worked hard and paid your dues, this week marks the  beginning of the good karma for which you've been waiting.  If not . . . 


LEO (July 22-Aug, 21)

Jupiter remains ensconced in your hormone house for the rest of the year. Oh! The possibilities. You are so ready for new excitement, perhaps even X-rated, 2009 was so quiet. Loans look good for you, too; perhaps you'll refinance. An inheritance can come to you now, maybe even a bonus. Make a decision on Aug. 9 and expect to see results in November. Other more intimate problems should unkink themselves around that time too.

Leo, celebrate yourselves--you're prime for it!

LEO (July 22-Aug. 21) Theater Evening. Dahling, what could be more superbly divine! After a stunning performance at SF's Curran or Geary, divas will be ready for their close ups at the ultra inn across the street. Hotel Diva is super ala gorgeous and soooo Leo. When the play's the thing, dining divas will think: Location! Location! Location! They can't miss with the Cortez, located just across the street from both theaters. Excellent dinners are served by a staff dedicated to getting their patrons to the show on time. GO: Hotel Diva, 44 Geary, San Franciso (800) 553-1900, Cortez, 550 Geary. (415) 292-6360. Open nightly from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.


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